after the race

19 03 2006

    Well post Marathon, went to Sacha’s for a beer and shower, chilled with Danny, Star and Tracey for a bit, watched some TV, got the begining twinges of pain.   Trace and I left around 2 and went searching for an open bike shop to try to get my bike repaired, not the most successful of ventures.  Gave up and went to games, Games was fun saw some of the old games crew and I got to be snotting about ppl’s bad attitudes while playing (pointed out there was no reason to be sulking and shirty as it’s just a game, played for fun and entertainment) :D. 
     Moment of discomfort as someone who HATES me very much badly came into games just before we were leaving.  Well it wasn’t really a big deal, but akward as I was trying to be polite, and she was having none of it.  Oh well.  Tracey and i left soon after anyway to go get some grub at Bongo’s.  And then headed home. 

   Poo bum wee.. my bike is broken.  But happily Jeremy says he can go pick it up tomorrow, and horay horay he lent me a bike, to use till mine is all sorted out, just hobbled down there and picked it up.  Poo Guess that means I have no excuse to skip out on work tomorrow morning, 😛 might do it anyway tho :D:D.  Hope it’s nothing too expensive .. but at least with Jeremy I know if he says it’s something, then that’s really whats wrong with it.  

   I’m so Kidnapping this guy one day, sooner or later 😀 😀 😀




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