Sunny Saturday

18 03 2006

Woke up at 6 am and went.. uh no .. I think not! got up MUUUCH later, farted about the house watching TV (on my computer), chatted online a bit… turned my hair into this hilarious pigtailed FRO. All in all a gripping and eventful morning. Chatted online for a bit and bummed about a bit more waiting for Mike to call. Mike being his usual self slept till 2 (was supposed to over at the house at one) and then got stuck in evil traffic for an hour so needless to say we got a late start on the tea mountain excursion. Ohhh but while was waiting for Mike got to sit in the park behind our house and read my book… which tells me nothing matters 😀 ha ha I knew it!

Then Tracey Mike and I scooted out to the tea mountains. And this guy did this silly thing, which I didn’t actually see, which involved him cutting Trace off and she kinda rammed into him and then he rammed into me. Not a crisis, except my foot (which his bike hit) hurts a little…. again not a crisis, except I’m running the 1/2 Marathon tomorrow morning :(. I’m sure it will be fine, ha and if I crap out I can blame that :D, ha ha always a bright side if you look hard enough).

After that we made the rest of the trip up the mountain with no more drama. Hung out and got silly on tea. Oh And I finally learned how to play the game big old two, which is apparently just a variation on ‘asshole’. Mike molested us with k’nasty dried squid… YUCK. hmm… Then we went to tappenyaki for dinner, and that takes us to now.. all in all a nice but dull ish day :). It’s silly early but i’m off to bed anyway bc I have to get up way toooo early for words. I’ll write about my pain tomorrow after the race…




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