This week

17 03 2006

… ha .. and the pressure is on… Don;t post for a day or two and people get all twitchy. Needing their Magdalicious fix ;). Just teasing. So Just talked to the Mom, looks like she’ll be coming at the end of April. YEAH!

And I went to the TRRA today and picked up my race package. Yuck the race is at 6am on sunday.. that blows .. and they said no non race participants are allowed on the race route. Which sucks ass poo, bc I’m lazy and need motivation.

bleh… don’t feel like writing more.. too bad so sad




One response

18 03 2006

Hey there, had no idea you had a blog, well thanks for sending me the address so I can live vicariously through your adventures. You are perpetually entertaining, i have went back and read all the entries. Good luck on the 1/2 marathon, kick its ass! And yeah hope to see you on msn sometime soon and hopefully Erin and I can come see you in Van this September could be just me if she has to work.

love Erik

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