15 03 2006

So Of course the day I go to work looking like a raggamuffin is going to be the day that kc brings his freind Helen into school… CRAP. Lol. Not a big deal, but still :P. Plus was a t work and I don’t know her, but wanted to be freindly. blah blah blah.. plus it’s juts occured to me I think she may have seen those pictures of me.. which is hilarious yet embarassing… Made for magda being nervious and akward.. (for proably the first time in my life.. chuckle… ) oh well .. :D. i have to work all day that sucks.. but then again yesterday I was thinking i wish I was at work bc at least i’ld be making money and I’m bored.

and why is it still cold WTF!




2 responses

15 03 2006

do you mean cold, like 20degrees? because if so I will beat you!

15 03 2006

uh no.. totally like 12 or 13… geez… don’t make me out to be a drama queen or something 😀

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