14 03 2006

Hello friends and such…. 😀 Yeah happy some people have taken to reading my boring ass blog! even more excited people are leaving me comment (omigod it’s almost like there are people in the world!!!!) Chuckle.. I’m such a geek… but please sign your comments folks! otherwise I have no idea who to send the thank you card to ;), plus the mystery of it drives me freaking mad!!!! Who wrote the comment about me killin the marathon and then partying like rock stars after?????? The suspense is driving me up the wall!!!!




5 responses

15 03 2006


yeah nothing else

just dude….

15 03 2006

glad to hear ur ok and all..grin…. -naughty lollipop-

15 03 2006

omigod I’m sure you think the naughty lollipop thing is obvious.. but seriously I can totally think of a bunch of people who would think thats funny!!! GAH

17 03 2006

hello, kay so now you get me hooked on to Magda’s life and dont update the info…….. i like check it everyday… mmm i guess that doesnt say much for me

17 03 2006

well if you leave comments then I know your reading and it encourages me to write more. LOL of course While thats true it doesn’t change the fact that absolutly nothing interesting has happened in the last few days (that or stuff I’m upset about that I don;t want everyone to know about :S.
I’ll update later today xoxo

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