stan the man

13 03 2006

Went for lunch with Jenn today, was nice to catch up. Be rediculas and trade stories with her. Haven’t had much time for that lately. Might make it a kinda regular thing :D. work was well work.. My morning school is being a little retarded, fortunatly I just don’t care. And Kid castle (afternoon) was the usualy gong show in which I piss around and pretend to teach for too much money 😛 (well I guess I actually do kinda teach stuff now .. but just phonics). And my sesame street kinds did the usual, first classed rocked bc they are all budding rocket scientists, and the second classed pissed my off bc they are all retarded jackasses. fuckers…. taken a new approach, not getting mad any more .. but if anyone irritaes me I’m just going to punish the whole class in some hidious and boring fashon to pit them against each other (insert evil grin here).

Oh and weather note… WTF is with the freezing cold!!!!!!! It’s freaking March people.. supposed to be warm to hot, not ass burning cold!!!!! I’m so fucking skipping winter next year (for real ha ha).

Tonight after work, pow wowed with Tracey for a bit, and then Stan the Man came over. Poor Stanely, not sure why he puts up with us. Bc I terrize him enough on my own, but he totally got tag teamed tonight and not in anyway that was good. ‘course he brought it on himself with that goof had (think old man golfing) polyester pants, and shorty trench coat.. ha ha ha. Lol luck thing for him he’s a cutie :D. Apparently it’s his birthday party in a couple of weeks, So i guess we’re going to room 18. Ha ha I got to bust oput my dirty little book of knasty chinese that I learned when we went to green island…. (lol Sarah want me to write dirty stories in chinese? I’ve almost got the vocab down :P). That’s all off to bed .. 😀

hey does anyone know how to post pictures on here as part of the post???? Bc I can’t figure it out and would like to. THNX




2 responses

15 03 2006

tag teaming? polyester? Dude, please don’t ruin my day by telling me this isn’t a storyline for the future porndom!

15 03 2006

hahah ok then just for you!!! of course… totally making the story board as we speak!!! (side line: yeah sarah’s back online yippy!)

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