Lazy lame Sunday

12 03 2006

well I carted my lazy but out of bed today to do … well nothing. I did my laundry YEAH… attempting to clean the garbage heap that has become my room. But really spent most of the day pissing about on the computer, not going running, kinda cleaning my room… gonna buckle in min and really clean my scary floor.. and then go to bed!

So I had the laziest day. Did get out and go to dinner with Tracey, Sacha, and Danny at peacock, totally would have had some hooka but as Sacha felt the need to point out (fussy pants!) running a marathon and smoking a hooka probably not so good together oh well next week! ‘course I haven’t been doing so well with the no drinking thing :P. hmmmm Tracey said something hilarious the other week ” So, I have realized at the age of 27. That everything I’ve been told is not true, I really do need to drink to have fun” ha ha ha 😀

ps ha ha can see my floor (well most of it) la la la clean clean clean….. to bad I didn’t get into the little groove I’m in right now. Would have probably been more productive during the day, as opposed to 1 am :P.



5 responses

13 03 2006

Hi Mag, nice journal. Looks like your life is alot more fun than mine. I still don’t have a life, like you said before. HOpe to see u soon someday. Mike Yeh

13 03 2006

Hey this is cool. It’s kind of like your own little reality show – mags live journal. I guess the next step is to have a web cam on you all the time – perhaps some moments should be censored;) I’m having a lazy Sunday as well – didn’t run – didn’t go to the gym – probably going to nap.
love yah,

13 03 2006

I’m just pretending I don;t have a life juts making it all up , lol… just hoping people will fall for it and think I’m cool… bru haha
hugs how you been?

13 03 2006

lol… dude.. I know it seems like that would be interesting .. but do you know how dull I am???? chuckle hugs miss you thanks for reading and posting YAY… my freind told me if i actually wrote in this thing that people might read it 😀 goody… I’m gonna try to be good about posting on here now !!!

14 03 2006

In Fremont (40 miles south of San Francisco) at the moment building some new operating rooms…been really busy. Mike

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