clevaaa girl

11 03 2006

YEAH! I Tried to register for the half marathon that is coming next week, a while back. But when i went in they said ‘NO NONE FOR YOU’ because you stink like cheese. Or some other crap about the race being full already, whatever! So I decided that since every other time, I had mailed my regestration in they had accepted it, even though the race may have been full or it was late, That I had a better chance if I just went to the post office.

So mailed it in avoided all calls for a week or so… and i was right horay! Clearly it is easier to just let me register than to try to explain it to me and refund my money!!!! From this little rant you may have gleaned that I got my confirmation thingie in the mail today telling me my number and when and where to pick up my race package!!! la la la… Totally happy.. down side I haven;t been training as much as I wanted to, and unfortuantly have been drinking my face off… oops.

Oh well I only had one thing I wanted as my person motivational prize to my self if I ran it under 2 hours (which I still intend to do DAMN IT!!!). And I won’t be getting it any time soon anyway:P, another day:D.




One response

11 03 2006

Way to go girl! I’m doing a wussie 8k next sunday!
love love

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