9 03 2006

Thanks to everone who pointed out to me that i was being a silly boob. Love you guys!

Was nice called 2 of my freinds back home today, might try to make more of a lunch time habit of it. Was kwl talked to ray for a min. But as usualy she was BUSy… frickin socialites.. ha ha just messing:P. My freind Gena called me out fo the blue asking me to go to lunch with her, that was nice, haven’t got to see her much lately. And then when i got home I called Sarah back in the states. Was really great talkin to her, miss her heaps. Going to make a point to call people back home more, i used to do it alot. And now with skype i can afford to do it more :D, i just need to stop sulking .. (for many a reason) as it solves nothing and call people. Speaking of which i need to call mumsies.. and find out whats up with her coming here… yeah I’m excited, but i wish it could be longer than for a couple of weeks. but i guess i’ll be in Vancouver in sept, and again at the end of feb…. wow, that will be the most i’ve been home or seen people from home in the whole time i’ve been here… hmmm..

well my alarm just went off, mean time to put on some pants 😉 and get to work.. bleh I hate i have to work till 9 tonight……

Oh yeah my boss asked me to take this speach class… it’s like 14hrs in total, And it’s easy work.. I know i could do it no problem… but I think I’m going to say no. I need to get myself a spine, money isn;t everything as matter of fact it’s nothing i hate it… and I don;t need to keep driving myself crazy and burning myself out…

ha speaking of money i need new running shoes .. lol…




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11 03 2006

WHY is this entry called SARAH??? When you also talked to ME?? And I am soooo not a socialite!!! Call me more often! I love it!

11 03 2006

this stupid thing always makes me make a subject line and i never have one 😛
ray ray raybot .. lol.. burning socialite..always buy when i call.. maybe you just don;t like em and are FAKING IT .. lol. just joking .. chuckle

15 03 2006

maybe…maybe :0

Got a new headset. Maybe next week we can SKYPE on the computer. Juliet leaves Saturday, then I am not so busy.

15 03 2006

Love you, I do!
Hey, why do you need to take a speech class? You totally already do that pretty fawking well. Does your boss not know you at all or something?

15 03 2006

no I do do it well too well in fact, she wants me to teach it (as in take on the class :P) I totally see how my wording was funny though!

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