8 03 2006

Ok I’m sure I’m just being paranoid, but KC is always busy, and for the bennifit of peace in his house is not talking to me very much. To the point it deffinatly feels like I’m being avoided. Lindsay essentially said I suck, and am horrible and overbearing 😦 . Sacha disapeared ina weird middle fo the conversation way last night online, seriously.. is it something i said???????? Like you guys would tell me if I was auful wouldn;t you? bleh… bummer mood.




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9 03 2006

you are fabulous dahlink, fabulous!


9 03 2006

Silly silly girl. Of course you’re fabulous or we wouldn’t be friends with you. We’re only friends with fabulous people and you know that!! And plus, computers spontaniously combust during online conversations (it’s a proven fact), boys suck and obviously Lindsay is not as fabulous as you to have even said something so awful.


9 03 2006

Hey have you been smoking weed without me? This is the only thing I can think of that would make you paranoid. KC is being freaky lately (we have already established this), Lindsay is currently undergoing her own nervous break (absolutely nothing to do with you), and Sacha probably just got a phone call or something. I wouldn’t stress about it, cuz totally not about you, but instead (at least for KC and Lindsay) about their own problems.

9 03 2006

😦 i know that intellectualy .. but still kinda bleh.. the Sacha thing I know is fine I talked to him last night .. he was just busy… I’m just kinda sensitive right now…. like at work was talking to KC for a bit and he made a stupid (but probably under diff circumstances funny) joke about how he can’t talk to me anymore bcmy personality is too over bearing and I burst into tears. In retrospect it was kinda funny …. bc he was like .ooh ahha ooh umm .. opps.. please dont be upset .oh shit.. sorry .. uhhh .. lol and then felt all stupid bc he could do anything to make me feel better bc we were in the hall at school.. lol.. with parents.. ha stupid boy. that’ll teach him

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