7 03 2006

ok well aside from I clearly attract crappy people, and have friendship leprosy 😛 (just kidding being silly)

Went running last night .. bleh got a knasty stitch for the 4th time in a row (and when I say in a row I mean I Haven;t gone running in over a week… but when I did I got them then too), ran through it.. was ok i guess…

Went running tonight though and it was nice.. got a real run in.. for anyone who knows taipei I ran from my house (hsin long rd) up roosevet rd, to hsin hai, and than ran all the way down hsin hai back to my house. It was nearly as far as i thought and it only took me aprox 50 min… hmm i’ll have to scoot it and see how far it really was :D. Just got back.. feeling sweaty but kinda good. even gonna take a crack at this disaster that I call my room. (I say that but probably gonna put on Will and Grace and vegetate instead).




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8 03 2006

you’re a brave soul for running at all…. i decided about a month or two ago to quit being a big fatty and take up running, so i went out and bought some new exercise gear and went running one morning for about 45 seconds – and then walked the rest of the way. then i hurt like hell for two days cause i haven’t run since like HIGH SCHOOl. i know i’m such a baby… guess i’ll just stick to yoga until i feel brave again 😛 love ya from Nadine

8 03 2006

lol.. well I have run 2 1/2 marathons and am hoping to run a 3rd one (21km) the first one I ran in 2 hrs 15, and the second 2 hrs and 9 min :D. Big baby!!!! lol . just kidding .. it’s hard .. I gained like stupid amount of weigth last year. Yoga is good!!! It’s so expensive here tho.. bleh..

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