weekend madness

5 03 2006

so was really busy this weekend, My friend Erin, from kao shiung, came up this weekend to see her parents. She’s the one who is going to move here and take over my stuff while I’m in Brazil.

So Friday evening.. Tracey and Sacha dragged me to this wine tasting thing in Tienmu. I hate wine, so i was planning on not drinking. But a glass or two later and chatting with the crazy gay guys, the plan all fell apart :P. Ended up being very silly and spinning in circles with my new little friend johno, why you ask.. because it was fun :D. The wine tasting ended at 12 and we were all well past tipsy. Wen to this pub called the pig. where we drank beer, and played faux Chinese drinking games. aka we clapped pointed and yelled you drink a lot.. but no rhyme or reason to it. apparently almost stabbed Sacha’s eye out with my thumb.. lol…

Then in the cab back to Sacha’s (Tracey and I both stayed there). Woke up, in the morning with an insane wine hangover.. aka HEADACHE.

Erin arrived in the middle of the night (at my house) and trace went home around 8am, I wanted to go home but had to get Sacha to get up so he could drive me to Tienmu to get my bike. Then we all met up at the bagel and had lunch (hung over). Then I took Erin up to the Nation museum thingie to meet up with her parents. Parents are fun :). Took ages to find them it was like an old foreigner people scavenger hunt.. with me saying every 5 seconds ooh is that them .. oh is that them??? Found them made dinner plans.. and then home.. (too much scooter … yuck)

Went home got dressed for dinner and then went to one of my favorite restraints, which luckily everyone really enjoyed. And after dinner back home again bc Tracey was making me go out to barrio for this Panamanian guy we met at this BBQ last weekend. Barrio was OK.. and of course my no drinking thing lasted about 15 min.. bc they had mojito’s (yummy!!) and you had to pay 500 to get in and they gave you 500 in drink tickets.. seems a bit of a waste… danced a bit got flung around the dance floor a bunch by this Dominican republic guy…. who i couldn’t decide if he was sleazy or just Latin lol… the dancing was fun but i suspected it was part of his game.. which i wasn;t into… apparently I can do the Latin dancing stuff quite well 😀 yeah me.. Maybe I’ll actually learn it when i Brazil. (not just dude said it or i wouldn’t believe it but Tracey said i was doing well too, especially considering i was just faking it!)

Sunday just chilled with Erin Tracey and Erin;s parents in the house… Tracey and i got in some silly tiff about food. which sparked the conversation about how trace and i are like sister’s or an old married couple.. lol… tried to get her to do my laundry, she wouldn’t clearly she’s a shitty wife.. tho she does cook and clean 😛 ha ha.

Was gonna go running last night but wasn;t feeling the running groove. So i went rollerblading instead. that was fun.. went all the way up Roosevelt then to hsimen then up to Taipei city airport, down guanfu, renai to da an park then back down to Roosevelt (at one point stopped at the witch house and said hello to the people at games but was late so only a few people there like 7pm) and down shin long home was out for quite a while but was nice. Ha and this old man was following me around at one point on his crappy motorbike nattering at me about how what i was doing was so dangerous. which i felt to be a little ironic as he was driving at night with no lights on, with one of this 100 dollar helmet that are about as effective as a teacup on his head. chuckle.

thats all 😀



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