2 03 2006

So I have been meaning to update this …
my mom was going to come see me this month (march) but she has to go in for gallbladder surgery, normally i wouldn’t be too concerned .. but she tends to lie a lot and say it’s a hang nail when really it’s kidney failure. And due to her (3 years ago) mysterious kidney failure they have been all iffy on doing the surgery. Apparently they’ll be doing it soon…. her doctor is supposed to call me and let me know whats up bc i don’t trust my mom :P. I think it’s not too serious though. Mom should be coming in april or may ! that will be really cool… I’m looking forward to seeing her.

Other than that not much up in my life… just chillin… 🙂 work is work.. ok.. better now I suppose since I’m trying to have a better attitude about it. Tracey is having a shit time bc of the whole leo fiasco. On the bright side we can pick a different city to move to. I might be buying my ticket by the end of this month bc i’m getting amazing price! 2250 cad approx for return to Sau Paulo from Taipei stopping through van both ways!!! So the plan is I’ll be in vancouver the first week in sept and the last week of feb, or first week of march.

more later.. about to have sonme soup and .. the treasured nap!!!




One response

3 03 2006

Totally thought the other day when you said it was bed weather, that you had said that someone was a bed wetter. Took me a while to figure that out 🙂

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