life is weird

9 02 2006

… so we’ve all heard about the disaters that happend with the missed flight . the sasage with wings i paid a fortune to get here on and, the missing ring, the missing money and then the missing i pod addapter. But honestly in all it was alright.. lol.. i mean the money stuff sucks…
but my uncle took me diving as a many years missed xmas pressie, plus he let em stay with him for free and got me a super good deal on the bike i was using.. and offered to pay for it all too.. plus he loaned me all the money i needed 🙂 paid for most of my food too… so really even with them money lost i probably came out on top 😛 plus he bought me a cute little turtle necklace charm thing to replace my ring.. so now i have to go buy a chain for it. 🙂

Tracey sucks tho… i told her i would email her with info on how to contact me in bangkok.. and she has been completly awol.. so i have no idea if her plane just crased into the ocean or what.. anyway gonna wander the streets in hope of insperation… doubt i’ll find it.. beaches and sun were good.. but i wanna go home… 🙂




One response

9 02 2006

lost ring? sasage? what the f…?

and do your family members normally make you pay for staying 🙂 ?

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