6 02 2006

So the other night I went into town with the intentions of getting pissed. Stayed with the girls so I wouldn’t have to drive home. ended up not getting that drunk but hada good time. then lazed on the beach the next day. The girls leave today, which reminds me that I have to leave soon. God.

i don’t wanna go back to work.. :(. sigh. I think what makes it worse isi feel like i have no choice. and when ever that happens i always get a little squirly.

on the boy front it’s depressing ask me why if you wanna know.

anyway gonna chill with my uncle for the day and gonna go take some pictures tommorrow, and maybe go meet up with my freind jenn for dinner or something. and i leaving on a bus on wed afternoon… bleh can’t book a ticket bc the travel agents are being rediculas.. so i have to go to the train staion and hope for the best .. poo heads.




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