4 02 2006

alright, i think I could live with the casual thing if it were the case of we’ve been chatting all night and had a wee snog adn then went home as opposed to oh look i’m drunk and you kisses me ewww no i don;t wanna sleep with you…

On that note frechy has been calling all bloody day… bah even sent him a couple of rather dismisive texts… wouldn;t take the hint.. lol… then at dinner these random ozzie boys come to talk to us:) that was fun. And one of them simpathized with my problem ha and took my phone to call the guy to tell him to sod off and leave his gf alone.. but hten he didn;t answer.. poo he’s gonna think i bloody called him.. ha but we’re going out with them tomorrow night adn there are like 9 o f them so shouldn;t be to hard to get rid of hte little weirdo..

so tired falling asleep at the computer so night night



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