Night out with the girls

3 02 2006

So, Me and the girls went out for some drinkies and boys last night. What laugh, we were drinking at their place and then in a drunked state went looking for a new hotel. that was just funny. it’s cool tho bc i was going to go with helen and emma to karabi or phi phi, but bc i lost all my money i can’t really afford it, so them being the dears they are decided fuck it they’re just gonna lay on beaches and drink anyway might as well so it here :D. Yeah so I have freinds to chill wit till the end of the weekend.

Anyway on our way out ran into this london guy who decided to go on the pull with us in seeking of hotties.. lol. hilarious he’s scoping boys for us and we’re lookign for girlies for him… seriously has been tragic thus far just little boys with out there mommies and old farts with their hookers…sad state lemi tell you. Anyway we went to this place called Banana disco, lol hilarious full of boys. was moderatly entertaining. This little french dude was, he hem very attentive. Chuckle.. was amusing. Amusing enough that I even left with him. But (and i shall wait for applause) I changed my mind and went back to the club. And to be nice for blowing him off (why why why) i gave him my phone number (stupid stupid). Bah and of course they always message and call when you don’t want them to. stupid boys….

Plus WTF, what happened to me… so not into the casu thing anymore. 😛 😀

got home at like 3 am.. and was up at 6 to go diving so fucking tired i could die, might go into town to get some grub with the girls and other than that thinking i’m having a quiet night of it.. (plus wanna avoid that guy :P) prob go out tommozza….

comments good ones too… come on u know you wanna




One response

4 02 2006

nice! tell us more about this little french guy. Did you lose any articles of clothing at the club? I heard an urban legend about a girl who lost her panties and tights at a club in taipei and gained a hat…

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