better and worse

2 02 2006

so been on phuket for a few days now, met a couple of really nice british girls, who I befreinded on the bus. and who shockingly still wanted to hang out with me after my bus whining, and the ear incident, no accounting for some people’s taste i guess 😛 Anyway went diving with my uncle on this super posh boat. that was fun! got to dive the wreck again, but it was good this time (sucked last time i did it) and I got to see 2 sea turtles YAY!.

Spent some time lazing about on the beach, but just lots of old icky tourists.. yuck. sigh no cutie boys to be seen. thought i suspect my standards might be a smidge high :P. (plus lots of icky ICKY old men).

Shit thing i just realized i’ve lost my money, fuck this trip is costing me loads with the extra plane ticket and now lost money. But looking on the bright side, I’m staying at my uncles for free, and maybe someone who needed to the money more than me has it. (trying no to be stressed…) Plus i can borrow money from my uncle and then just take the money from my bank and give it to him when i go, so really It could so be much worse. just a mini crisis for now 🙂

just went for dinner and drinks with this nice thai girl named born who works with my uncle, and hung out with her freinds they were very nice and invited me to go for lunch with them tomorrow. Plus meeting the english girls for beachign tomorrow and dancing later. Also might go to karabi with them, well that was the plan, but i don;t know now due to serious cash flow issues.

i really dnt want to go back to work :(… it’s making me so unhappy and sick… sigh dunno what to do about that. suck it up i guess.

oh well off to beddie bye




5 responses

2 02 2006

what ear incident??

2 02 2006

and have you heard from Tracey? Dying to hear how it is going with the parents and Leo

2 02 2006

nothing really I just hurt my inner ear bit diving and then didn;t treat it properly so later that night when out with the girls I was this huge whiny baby about it and being a freak pouring hot water in my ear and saying owowowoowow… thats all… just not hey aren;t i fun cool and interesting material.. more .. whoa who invited the freak 😛

2 02 2006

Nah she sucks i know she’s having good sex and I am having none.. sulk.. and no light at the end of the perverbial tunnel… back to being a nun i guess.. sulk. other than that I have heard nothing from her, i guess that means she’s busy and having a good time 🙂

3 02 2006

well she will be when she gets back and hasnt gotten in touch once 😉

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