Bangkok is better to music

27 01 2006

I pod should market the ipod as improving anyplace….. seriously .. HA it’s so much more fun cruising around bangkok to your own little soundtrack… vendors can talk ad talk.. and you just browse in peace, and don’t even feel rude for ignoring them bc you are blissfully unaware that they are even speaking! Fantastic.

so as you may have gleaned from my drunken post last night, my trip had a little hiccup at the start. but things seem to be going more smoothly now. although this morning i had this huge thing of OJ left, and had to drink it or it would get nasty… so i have a 1.5l breakfast of orange juice.. holy pooper scooper did i have to pee later ,, hahhaah. after that I had a productive day in which i picked up all kinds or cheap medicine.. Yay…. i’m such a child the but viagra is so appealing .. i just dont have a fricken use for it.. I just want to get it bc i can’t anywhere else… lol (no I didn’t buy it.. just wanted to)….

.. got my bus ticket to go to phuket tommorrow, wandered around koa san, bought a ring(i think it’s an unconsious tradition, got all waxed up (and i mean relly waxed .. damn…. was so cheap and i was bored so i jest kept getting more done… lol. read some of my osho Joy book, good purchase. I like what he has to say on the subject, and even if i don’t always agree it’s interesting. Looked into getting the red in my hair redone, checked out tattoo places (just curious calm down). i guess thats all really hmm fealt like i did more than that. Oh well 🙂 I’m gnna go running later tonight after the sun goes down.

Oh i almost forgot, fnny funny bummed a ride from this random english dude into town and then caught a taxi to my hostel .. way cheaper! yeah … and the taxi driver and i were joking arguing the whole way about eh price was hilarious.. he kept insiting 140 baht (which was reasonable) but i was being a pain and insisted on 120.. and he was like no no too cheap and i said oh ok you can take a the next fare.. oh wait.. no one around bc it’s 3am.. funny that . you want the money .. no ok never mind i’ll walk.. ahahahh (as if it was like a 20 min drive)lol.. he’s liek it’s late dangerous i’ll protect you in taxi..a nd i was like i can kick anyone’s ass so i’m not worried.. it’s ok i’ll keep my money .. hahaha I even offered to drive the taxi for him.. hahahah.. in the end i paid 130 just bc he was funny 😛

oh and one last random note, ran into this guy i knew from taipei, i haven’t seen him in like 2+ years.. so weird. Oh and this is the year of parental travel! Everyone i’m talking to is travelling with their mom.. re something.. strange as i’m flying my mom to taipei in a month or two too.. hmm.. 🙂

alright gonna mosey back to my hostel and amuse my self




2 responses

28 01 2006

amuse yourself! dirty girl 🙂

2 02 2006

wish that was what i mean… sigh

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