lessons learned

26 01 2006

So, the one time i actually make an effort to get to the airport early so i won’t miss my flight, or course that will eb the time that traffic is INSANE and my buss took 2hrs instead of 50min….. sigh.. lesson learned .. i will leave for airports in a nice and early fashion from now on.

While i’m bored in the airport (though this free internet thing is pretty bitching….. I was thinking about missing my freinds….. strange tho… while I am a little bored. And i really do miss Tracey, Casey, and Lindsay, I don’t miss them as much as i thought I would or as much as maybe i think i should.. if that makes sense. I dunno if it’s bc i’m getting old, or i’m just confidant that my freinds love me weither i talk to them everyday or not, or the books i have been reading lately (shut up mk :P). But I seem to need people less than I did, it really surprises me. I mean I miss my freinds especially the ones i talk to like 100 times a day.. but not as much as i expected.. hmmmm.. life is weird and you get all contemplative i guess when you’re getting tipsy by yourself in the airport and playing on a computer .. ok well thats not entirely true i was contemplative on this subject long before the airport or drinking .. speaking of which i’m gonna give up the computer and get a beer… yeah booze…. possible be back to post more about nothing..



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