15 01 2006

just had a huge dinner may never eat again :P…
work sucked today especially given it was sunday morning and i don’t get paid.. 😦 after work was chillin with the co workers… chilled with casey, and then went to games for a bit..
BTW stanly is a freak .. calls me when he wakes up to mummble at me.. aka no ablo englais when he wakes up .. bc he wants to hang out today ok cool i say call me back when he wakes up… which he didn;t do, so when i send him a message he’s like never mind i’m too lazy to hang out.. and then the freakazoid calls me at like 10 something to come watch a dvd :P… lol… geek.
About the guy.. I’m not writing anythign about it .. bc i dont; know whats going on there min to min.. and I don;t care too much (or i’m trying to not care… ). Just kinda going with the flow… to a degree.. kinda just going with what i feel like doing and seeing what happens :)….

um.. nottin to excitign going on other than that I want to quit one of my jobs. I’m really sick of all the shit at sesame street, I’m going to try to continue until august and maybe just quit when i go to brazil. We’ll see what happens…. I may reach the end of my rope before then. I’m getting sick and unhappy from working this much…. I dont; know that it’s all worth it… gah… tryig to not let it all get it to me….




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