5 01 2006

So it’s always interesting when you dicover that most of what you believe to be true in the world on what is important and how to live is actually the same as some thousands of years old philosophy…. thats all i really have to say about that 😛

About the guy, I have no idea….

About me, I’m surprisingly good.. considering my visa a screwed right up, I almost quit/got fired from one of my jobs today, and my personal life is a disaster (in a conventional disater sort of way, actually to me right now it seems kinda ok, could should and will be better … but rght now….eehh)

Got a really nice email from my freind sarah, that was cool. I’ll probaly call her soon.

I’m going to thailand at the end of the month, too bad i’m so lazy and can’t be bother to go somewhere else, but it hink i will havea good time as my goal on this trip is to do as little as possible and get a nice tan 🙂 two things i think i can acomplish with the greatest of ease! Might change one of my jobs when i get back.. I haven;t decided yet… we’ll see how i feel after chinese new year… I guess thats about all ..

if anyone is reading all of these here posty things… hint hint nudge nidge .. leave a comment or 2.. 😛 feel like i’m talking to my self ppl 😛




4 responses

5 01 2006

blah blah blah blah….here’s your stinkin comment…dunno what else to say cause I talk to you a billion times a day! (lol)

5 01 2006

better than a kick in the pants i guess lol

6 01 2006


6 01 2006

It’s not like anyone responds to our comments either 🙂

oh wait. That’s because I don’t post.

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