Life is strange

28 12 2005

So yeah .. after the Holiday blues….

Well I’ve cheered up a bit.. but still not thrilled about my personal life situation.. (ok it fucking sucks), But the show or at least life must go on. That all I have to say about that right now….

So as per my usual stupid self I am unorganized as all hell and have left some really important shit to the last minute. Like getting my health check so my boss can apply for my work permit so I dont get deported .. and oh look who’s a dummy.. yeah all this needs to be done more than a month before ARC expiry.. and mine expired in exactly 3 and a little bit weeks… oops… hopefully my boss can pull some strings and get it all sorted for me.

Chinese New year .. I was supposed to be going with tracey to England, to meet leo and laugh at her mom having a hernia at all his tattoo’s, but unfortunatly it’s not in the cards.. ok it’s not in the cash.. but you know what I mean. As I have been told in no uncertain terms terms I will be out a buncha cash and possibly a freind if I bail on brazil.. lol… Plus my mom’s supposed to be coming here sometime soon.. don’t know whats up with that tho since she just started talking to me again. So I’ve started to process of trying to find a plane ticket.. at a decent price.. looks like I’ll be going to thailand again. bc it’s cheap and easy… Plus the idea of bumming around for a couple of weeks doing NOTHING sounds .. heavenly! So this is my plan take and extra week off for chinese new year at the end of Jan and bum around on a beach for a bit.. yeah… goodie!!!

It’s all up to if I get my visa shit figured out in time, (I’ld better!!), though I;’m not too worried about it for the time being. And getting the ticket which is looking like it shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Yeah… I’m stoked I haven’t had a holiday in a year and a half.. so needing one!

Gotta go to work now.. hopefully some stuff will be sorted by the end of today….




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