Christmas .. turkey.. and stuff

26 12 2005

After breakfast and helping tracey with the Turkey … I finally got around to wrapping my presents (holy last min).. I got everything wrapped .. Got to see my “freind” for a bit before he went off to get ready for his boxing fight (which he won.. shockingly since he didn’t prepare AT ALL).. After he left…

I decided to go on the scavanger hunt from hell .. In which i scoured the frickin city looking for pepermint sirup .. for coffee.. seriously… pain in the ass.. I went to hsindien.. (a couple fo places there) Then drove to frickin neihu… also a waste of time.. then stopped by the living mall … to say hi to my freind before his fight bc i was in the area ( kinda on the way/ to back form neihu) that sucked bc there was someone there i really didn;t want to see… and managed to avoid them . but it still kinda sucked. So i left pretty quickly.. to avoid any uncomfortableness or akwardness…. bleh ….. 😦

Then i went to carrifour in the grand hope they would have the fucking stuff.. but no of course not (i’m sure i’ve seen it and i’m sure i can get it.. 😛 just clearly not today)… so I got trace some other stuff… and picked lindsay up and went home.

I have to congrats tracey, SHe did a great job for christmas dinner .. it was really yummy!!! After Dinner we opened prezzies.. that was cool… It think trace liked the stuff i got her… went a little overboard i think but .. hope i got her stuff she wanted .. (loads of silly little things) I feel kinda bad bc I put thought and effort into trace lindz and one or 2 other ppls things .. but for the most part it was a half assed attempt at christmas for me this year … bleh.. just not feeling very festive.. (not even bc of the guy stuff i wasn’t feelin the festiviness much at all this year, just me being a bum i guess)

But i got some fun stuff… liek the DVD burner i wanted.. which i’m clearly just dumb bc i can’t get it to work properly and i’m positive it’s i’m doing something wrong… and a buncha cool little stuff… and this really beautiful neclace that i really wanted !!! YEAH…. poor lindsz felt so bad bc i wanted this white toque and she went to get it and got the wrong one.. I don;t care at all.. but she seemed so sad that she didn;t get the one I wanted.. but i really appreciated that she tried so hard to find the place and get it for me .. 🙂 It’s not the stuff it’s the thought. Over all it was a pretty good day… tho everyone was either a little glum (for what ever reason) or hung over .. so it was a pretty tame evening… I guess thats all…

Hope everyone else had/has a fantastic day.. and all that stuff..
Merry Christmas




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