Yule tide cheer?

25 12 2005

So after my … sad little afternoon…..yesterday. Pulled myself together to go christmas shopping.. bc due to a serious lack of spirt, I hadn’t really done it yet. Went shoppin with trace.. found this jewlery place that kinda rocked lots of cool stuff for cheap, so i loaded up on gifts, and even got myself a couple of little treats (yeah anklets). Then we went on this mad scavanger hunt trying to find a pan to cook our turky in .. which actually ended up being ok.. but comical.

Then we had to go home and get dressed to go to our freind sacha’s christmas shin dig… we almost didn;t go bc tracey was tired and i was feeling anti social.. but went anyway for a bit. Poor trace was kinda bored and i was AWOl most of the time, bc right after we got there Lindz was too hot so we went to the store to get her a new shirt.. and then had to go to pick up Susan from the MRT… Plus Lindz wanted to know what was up with boy news.. and why i was so glum.. I didn’t really get into it too much bc I didn;t want to get upset.. which i did anyway 😦 but not too badly… then we went back to the party and i was being anti social… and then trace was tired so i finished my drink and we went home.

It was kinda nice tho .. bc my mom talked to me for a bit when i got home. 🙂 that was nice we talked for a couple of hours.. and then my roomate came home .. tanked off her ass.. lol.. was soooooo funny…

I got up this morning.. and tracey and I had a nice breakfast of French toast, 🙂 and made stuff for dinner… ok well tracey did everything and bc i suck I only did a little.




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