nice day

4 12 2005

So inspite of poopie ending of yesterday… I had a nice day today. Woke up too early bc of stupid bruises.. and then called ray, that was nice haven’t got to talk to her in ages.. chated for a bit .. and then she had to go.. so i wne tove rto tracey’s rooma an talked to her. Then got a nice surprise ug from a cute boy. Went to Games club played a game.a nd then went to Hsin Betoi public hot springs… really cheap and fun… with some of the guys from games. After that we went to the night market got some grub.. wel they did i wasn’t hungry and then MRT’d home.. I would liek to comment i haev riddent he MRT more today than i have in the last 2 years.. chuckle.. but yuck i hate people…

Any way after everone left .. me and that guy were the only ones left.. bc our bikes were parked by game club.. so we took the mrt there and talked a bunch mostly about nothing terribly intresting or exciting (to other people), but had alot o fun… just said nighty night… going to bed now .. But thought i would let everyone know I had a nice day… 🙂




One response

6 12 2005

I am really glad we could chat! I cant wait until i have internet at home, then we can skype!
hugs! Love you too!!! R

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