4 12 2005

So I haven’t seen much of Trace lately, or maybe it just feels that way bc we’ve both been busy. But yesterday we kinda just bailed on everyone and playedhooky from the social scene and hung out together. It was areally great day… ha the best part was almost getting caught by the people we bailed on. Bc we bailed on dinner and then went to dinner just us… stupidly across the street from where they were and then on the way to the movie (which was surprisingly funny and original… somethign liek heavan or something) we had to like duck and hide bc they were crossing the crosswalk right in front of us… he he which really was silly… but funny.. and challenging too since we were on a freaking scooter!!! Anyway after the movie .. the roads were all wet from some freak shower… And thisis the part that sucks ASSSSSSSS .. my freind (the guy) sent me a message to be careful dringing home bc the roads were wet… fucker .. what followed is clearly his fault… and then on the alley near our house… I braked a little too hard for tracey’s bike on the roads… and fucking bailed out.. tossing tracey off the bike and dragging myself undeer it.. 😦 i have a little scrape/burnon my arm and tracey banged her hand i really hope thats all she has .. i have bruises all up my side. I’m so fucking mad .. at my self bc it was a really shitty ending to a nice day.. it’s totally my fucking fault… I bloody knew her bike was shitty weird on wet roads.. (although in my deffence i dont actually understand i just knew in theory, my bike drives way diff and it wouldn;t have dont that) plus i’ve seen someone bail on the same place for the same fucking reason before (wet road try to slow down for the turn on fly off bike like they’ve hit and oil slick) and both tracey and my other friend said be careful…. i feel stupid and bad.. and i really hurt :(. Tracey says she’s not hurt or upset .. but it still feel bad… poo….thats all for now..



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4 12 2005

DRIVE SLOWER NASCAR WANNABE! Kidding…just be careful! No one wants you to get hurt!

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