3 12 2005

Ok well I have been posting about what beening going on, partially bc i dont know what to post.. here’s the short of it.. I met this guy, We’ve become really good freinds and more.. but the situation is really fucked up. Wiffle waffle back and forth.. what it boils down to is I really care about him and i never meant for any of this to happen… And as it stands right now ..I dont what’s happening. We’re really good freinds and going to stay that way… Other than that I dont know what Will or is happening in any deffinate way. I pretty sure I know what I want to happen but it’s not very feasible right now, due to a complicated situation… I enjoy spending time with him and being around him so we’ll see. Hugs to all .. thats all for now



2 responses

4 12 2005

Well that whole thing sucks, but I’m sure that time will work it all out. You know, if it’s meant to be, it will!

4 12 2005

Mag, sorry I keep missing your calls. I will have my phone with me after I go to the gym tonight (done by 530 my time) so CALL ME!!!

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