29 11 2005

diggin a hole diggin a hole… getting my self in trouble.. oh well i’m having fun .. will probably all blow up in my face latter though… acck! .. what oh what am i doing…?




4 responses

30 11 2005

are you just waiting for someone to tell you to STOP IT?
just wondering

2 12 2005

No not exactly… just have gotten into a “relationship” that i shouldnt have and ryng to figure out what i’m up to.. and what i’m doing.. Not really writing about it bc i dont want or need to be told how bad it all sounds, Hence i’m only rally willing to talk about it on the phone πŸ˜› .. tll hugs

25 12 2005


ok… I laughed (not funny?)

25 12 2005

Bad MK.. no Laughing .. 😦
ok the booom thing was alittle funny.. but you still suck!!:P

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