the exorcism of emily rose

12 11 2005

So i went running tonight.. for the first time since the marathon.. and seriously . what the hell only ran like 6k and was all hard as hell and shit… i can’t understand how i ran 21… lol but i’m doing it again.. dec 18th… chuckle i even plan to train for thisone.. my goal is to do it in under 2 hours… altho with the crap ass run i did today lol. I dunno!!!

Anyway went to see the exorcism movie with tracey and mike tonight .. it was a goood movie but not all that scary.. that said mike is the biggest wus of all time and i think i over compensate for his pansyness by being not scared at all.. lol.. him and tracey where cringing and i was just sittin there thinkin hu this should be scary and somehow it’s not.. lol

any who been crazy with skype.. callin pll and stuff and talkin half the night… speakin of its late i’m i’m dead on my feet .. so night night.. kisses




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