ow..ow .. ow ..actually not too bad

6 11 2005

ok so as per my usual stupidness… I signed up for the Taroko 1/2 marathon. I trained last year and then missed the sign up date. This year I signed up and then didn’t train. Then I forgot about the damn thing, and realized at the last moment that I had no hotel, train ticket, and pretty much hadn’t gotten ready at all. So at the last moment I put an add online asking if anyone wanted to take pitty on me.. bc other while i would have to sleep in the train station. Anyway this really nice woman I in Haulien took me in, she even picked me up from the train station. Kinda funyn she really rimnded me of my mom.. anyway we ended hang out with her freind lianne untill 1230.. fuck and then went to bed.. i slept for a solid 3 and 1/2 hours and was up at 4.. off the the trainstaion to catch the shuttle bus at 5. The whole time all i could thing .. what the hell am i doing.. gah.. was so intimidated by all the peopel who had trained and were all hard core.. i didnt even have sunglasses.. bleh. Plus i’m a pussy and i was all by myself…

Anyway chatted with nice guy named charles on the bus on the way up.. we were bitchin up a storm about the 5 am thing.. lol.. and the 7am race start time. That was until it got super hot and sunny and then we were like … what the hell why didnt they start the race earlier.. lol. So the race started at 7:20 am… and off we went. I swear to god i thought i was gonna die in this race.. But actually it really wasn’t that bad.. I wasn’t pushing all that hard. And because I didn;t really train iImade sure walk a couple of minutes every few km. I was trucking along.. trucking trucking.. and then I got irritated bc there were no markers so I asked this cop what km we were at… and he was like you’re alomst done run!! … lol so I ran a little harder the last 6km. The last 2 km… were pretty hard. But the first thing I thought when I finished was ” hu .. wel that was easy”. I think I was just expecting to to be so rediculasly difficult, and painfully impossible, that when I actually did it was pleasantly surprised. Plus everyone was plodding along at the end.. and I sprinted.. all i wanted to do was be done.. lol. So i was the 700th person to cross the line, but they record your time with this electronic chip on your foot.. so my real possition was #685th which was cool i was hop[ing to be int he top 100 to cross the line.. and theni thought oh comeon thats gonna be impossible.

Anyway here are the stats of my run. I think I did kinda ok after all !!!
(these aren’t the final offical results but close enough.. the offical ones wont be released untill this week sometime)
685th out of 2743 people running the 1/2 marathon.
17th in my group out of 243 women ages 26-35
My time was 2 hrs 15 min and 4 seconds for the 21km

lol as soon as i finished i was checking out whe the next one was….. We’ll see how i feel on monday but i’m not too badly busted up today .. just tired… so i think i’m going to try and actually train a little more and run the ING international 1/2 marathon on december 18th… Anywho.. i’m kinda proud of my self.. hada good time..a little beaten up and sore today but overall good!!!




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