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31 10 2005

ok .. as the router has now been repaire.. no thanks to me . bc i’m an idiot… 😛 i guess i’ll post a little something. Green island was good c’est i felt kinda asicky ass poo.. and was a little antisocial.. but was more into being chatty on sunday .. lol when we left but what ever… hmm…

lets see last week.. working .. nothing exciting that i can recall… spent lost of time chillin with a new “as in i’ve known him for ages but have recently become good freinds” friend… oh Lindsay and i went halloween stuff shopping i guess it was wednesday.. that was a fricken hoot and a half.. seriously was laughing hysterically . between the fake boobie that she bought and proptly stuffed in her top (pics on msn) and then the sex shop afterwards… when a co-worker (male) called me and i was in stiches when asked where we were as she is panicly signalling me to shut it.. hahahhahah …

Sucky thing tracey was in a little accident .. she’s fuien but now ()much to her glee) she can’t runt he marathon with me.. which suck bc i’m a big ole pussy.. speaking of i need to go running tongiht bleh not looking forward at all PO POO POOOO

um friday.. i .. ok i dont remember so probably nothing .. sat went to this enourmouse halloween party that would have been more entertaining had i been wasted.. clearly due to a couple of my wasted freinds said it was the time of their life.. and tracey and i who where sober thought i was dull as hell.. i took lots of picture tho .. thought i should .. but just wasn’t into it… the pics are on my msn .. at

yeah as tracey mentioned the whole holly and guy thing was not cool.. but she was very sorry .. so i’m over it… (still think it was uncool .. but everyone makes stupid mistakes sometimes). oh god and preceding tracey and my’s tiff… was possibly one of the most embarassing things ever.. but kinda funny.. lets just say … ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY>>>>> and thats all i’m saying about that..

Aslo the fight with tracey sucked.. she was really upset… adn there wasn’t really anythign i could do about it… i feel bad because we are just so diff sometimes.. and communicate so differently that when upset… yeah it just seems to go badly… 😦 …

on another wonderful note .. apparently my mother hates me again.. bc of an imaginary slight i made towards her…. (thisis not the first time) .. so i guess we’re not speaking for a while.. bc when she get crazy mad there is no talking to her.. the worst part is she gets so angry she does and says horrible hurtful things that if anyone else said she would never forgive them… everytime thigs happens it .. just drags up every other time it has and i get to feel like crap.. it especially sucks bc i didn’t really do anything.. and there’s nothing i can do until she calms down enough to be rational.. and on this subject that may be never….. 😥 i guess that mean that trip i was planning with her is probably off.. bc there is no way for me to approch this subject (she hates my uncle, and i don’t… she feels i’m a bit of atrator for even talking to him) with out her flipping.. since all i said to piss her off so badly was to say i dont; understand why she lets her self get so upset about it.. and to just let it go .. or not talk about it..

ok well now that i’m really truly upset i think i’ll go running.. maybe i’ll get eaten by a bear hopefully… (though not likely in th e city)




2 responses

1 11 2005

your pics keep coming up “space not available”

2 11 2005

and that really sucks about your mom. Call me again soon, I want to hear from you. Love, R

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