better mood

18 09 2005

Ok i negleted to mention yesterday (due to sever attack of the pouts). that aside from cutie boy not calling i had a totally fun day at the water park with my freind’s geena her bf vincent lindsay and her boy toy chad… (possible source of bummed nesss everyone being all cutesie around me all day. ) annywho Went to the water pack and were complete and totally morons all day … a gas!!!! has contests to see who got the biggest weddgie on the water slides.. i totally won.. lindsay figures i was cheating !!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!

anyway … looking forward to the party on sat (but a little nervious) totally excited my freind xorla (hola) is coming up!!! YEAH .. haven’t heard from my other friend…. erin.. hope she can make it too!!! hahah funny thing about the party.. one of my dumbass freinds called me last night to tell me sorry he was late but he was comingover right now.. and as i was in my jammies in my room watching a DVD i was a little confused.. asked why he was coming and he said for the party.. lol.. dorkuss… next sat.. ahhahaha

Oh ps.. (clearly from my significantly cheered up mood) he called today and he’s not being all weird and distant and unpleasant on the phone today .. so maybe he just had a shit week.. hmmm we’ll see not holding my breath



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