15 09 2005

ok so i’ fairly certain he didn’t have to work last night.. and he still didn’t call… and still hasn’t….

gah i know i’m being irrational.. but kinda bummed out… going to sun tan on my roof and not think aboutit.. or something like that
good job ray on the multiple replies .. lol i need all the encouragment i can get or i won’t write anythign at all…

gah why doesn’t he call.. i’m convinced he’s lost interest or has met someone better… ;'(




2 responses

15 09 2005

Dude, you need to calm down or you’re going to end up freaking him out, kinda like I did on Naoto last night and that never turns out well.

16 09 2005

whoa it’s all nicely surpressed freakishness just ranting to eveyone else..

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