Gah now what does it all mean?????????

14 09 2005

Oh I fogto my freind lindsay has a boy too .. lol… and i was being a pain messaging him to get amove and and make a move… What ??? he totally listened to me and kissed her!

So i was talking to boy online on monday afternoon, and said i’ld call him that night .. called him chatted for a bit. all seems very promising tho frustraitingly slow moving… and he calle dme abck around mid night to chat again.. and then i went to bed.
btw the converation on monday was way funny and cute… apparently he loves my gift event ho htey’re al ittle weird and he is planning to give me somethign equally weird (yeah presents!!)

but then yesterday i called him and he hung it up…. hmmmm but then he called me back 30 min later but i was in class so could only talk for a min.. gah his job is so frustraiting he goes to work 15 min befor ei finish and gets off around the time i get up to go to work in the morning .. SUCKSSS!!!!! apparently he’s quiting the bar to geta day job and thinks it sucks too, that we can’t see each other or talk as much as we;ld lkike due to the schedual conflict from hell. or so he said on monday.

so ok fine he had to work on tuesday and was prob busy.. but he hasn’t called today either 😥 Gsah i’ve turned into such a paranoid girll.. but seriously bummed out.. he hasn’t even sent me a text .. and usually doesn’t respond to my texts.. but he’s usually way good about calling.. but he hasn’t called in 2 days now.. (tuesday doesn’t count!!! i called him) i seriously almost never call him he always calls me… sniffle… so now i’m kinda bummed. I’m sure i’m just being a dumb ass. but still….

on a totally alternate and fun note.. TRacey and My’s birthday party is not this coming but next weekend on say YEAH.. kinda freaked bc a bunch of people have already RSVPed .. EEEKK .. and there will be at least 3-4 eople from out of town planning to stay at the house… akkk but exciting none the less… oh and i bought my digital cam yesterday so much funi can’t stop playing with it!!!! but ouber parinoid and over protective of it .. lol understandbly so after what happened last time (it’s a cannon 7.1 megapixels 3x optical zoom with a 1 gig SD card if anyone is interested)

ok i’m going to do some Yoga with out Tracey bc she is still on the Fucking phone.. and then go to bed ad try not ot stare at my phone willing it to ring (never know tho it worked on sat)

PS someone had better bloody reply and make comments on all these entries or i’m gonna spazz.. took me fuckign forever to update this bitch and if no one comments i’m never writign anything ever agin.. and please comment on seperate posting ( pleeeeasee weeedle weedle) .. sulk.. (pouting like a small child int he corner for thos of you with out telephoto lenses)




3 responses

15 09 2005

Wow MAG! that was the best post ever!! No seriously. I’m glad you updated 🙂 We like to know what is going on over there in that far away land. Sounds like you guys are going to have a super amazing party and it’s going to be tons of fun and you’ll be looking hot from all the yoga you’re doing.
I hope that the boy decides that you’re wonderful and amazing and dumps his job so he can spend time with you (but of course is independently weathy and wants to support you because he worships the ground you walk on) And umm… I think I replied to all the stuff!

😀 I hope everything is super amazing and you are having a great time! Miss you!

15 09 2005

hey babe,
after translating what you said… I wish i was coming to your birthday party. Love you!!! what do you want from canada?

18 09 2005

so come ur totally invited .. 🙂

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