More tai nan gripping i SAY!!!!

11 09 2005

So after our pittifully few 4 hours of sleep .. xorla and I dragged our sorry asses out of bed to meet up with kim and Jennifer for lunch, and this other frind of xorla.s named micheal or as i shall call him the odd one. Nice guy but seriously lacking in social skills. lunch was nice just kinda chilled at soem cafe for a while.. I am munching on vitamine B like it’s going outof style so i don;t just collaps on the spot… ahnd then we wandered around randomly for a bit .. that was fun.. Later we went to thai THai restraunt for dinner.. YUM. And then went home to refresh and get ready to go out… Xorla’s boy hopefulness was supposed to be meeting us, so much clothing planning was needed.. casual but cute… and my boy was going to be calloing me any min .. I just know it (and really doubted it right up till he did).

Anywho went to the place called the armory.. it’s was low key and chill.. iwas just too tired to be any fun.. i had a good time though .e ven though i was alternatly hiton by grossies and pissed off my moronic idiots!!! Then had an amusing conversation with this surprisingly short guy named rob.. who was very entertaining! and he’s Xorla’s boy’s freind .. so he invited us to his house to chill for a bit before going home .. i ddn’t wanna ditch .. but seriously thought i was going to DIEEEEE. Went over there for about 15 min and then bailed and went home.

Oh yeah and my boy called me at 1 (YEAH) and again at 5 am…

So i went back home round 6 ish and crashed like a dead person!!! Then at liek noon i woke up and relized xorla still wasn’t backk (don’t panic could be a really good thing!!) so i sent her a text askign if she was still alive.. and relized i had missed a call from 5 min before (clearly what woke me up) opooh it was boyo… so i call him back.. lol he seems to think bc he can’t sleep neither should I.. wel ok. Actually he was gonna let me go back to sleep but i said i was awake now (sunny can’t sleep when it’s sunny) so we might as well talk 🙂 xorla got back updated me on the kissing and then oh btw i have a Gf dister with her guy.. bleh men suck and then crashed out ont the bed while i yacked ont he phone for the next 2 hrs.. opps.. (phone bill is going to be nuts!!!)

puttered around for a bit while xorla slept and dragged her sorry but up to take me back to teh bus .. went for lunch had a really good time !!! totally looking forward to her and kim coming up next next weekend!

got back to taipei around 945 which sucked bc i was supposed to be meeting people at 10 but i went to Daneilles house and got ready there and a few of us (danielle roland jillian franchesco tracey mike and me) went for a drink at cute boys bar.. basically bc i wanted to see him and he said he wanted to see me.. so i carted some freinds along (lol they wanted to see him .. )

Ha gave him the weirdest gift from tainan… candy shaped like sushi and i mean really looked like sushi.. so odd.. lol was totally worth it for the look on his face!




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