My trip to Tai Nan

10 09 2005

So friday night i at the last possible minute decided to go ahead and go to tai nan on my own (trace was supposed to come but she was sicky poo poo). Hemmed and hawed till like midnight and then decided fuck it i’m going to get in trouble if i stay in taipei.. lol so i hopped on a bus and off i went. Originally i was thinking fuck i have only really hung out with my freind Xorla (pronounced Hola) once and i’m going to go and fricking impose on her.. but then i realized i’ld be all excited if she was coming to taipei so i’ld be total shit for not going bc she’ld probably be bummed…. anyway long story short i hopped on a bus and off i went.. by the way i hate busses .. just thought i’ld put that out there.

So at 3 am (snoozing on uncomfortable bus) boyo calls.. and is all sorry for waking em .. and i said he no worries not really sleeping ass i’m on a bus.. He’s like ” a bus.. what?? i thought you sadi you weren’t going to ga.. ” clearly i changed my mind about a hundred times during the day…. Anyway we chatted for a bit and he asked if he could call again on his next break.. i sadi sure not like i was gonna be busy on the bus!!!so he called me back an hour or so later. and we talked some more.. i was joking about how i wanted him to apear on the bus to amuse me bc i was bored. was very cuteon both sides. anyway he said had to go but would call back when he was finished work aka 7 am .. ick..

So i arrive in Tai na rudely awaken and drag my freinds bum outta bed so she can come get me .. (i would have taken a cab but she insited on gettine me) and we proceded to catch up .. and pow wow about boys and conversations and interpretaions.. the usually girly shite! And lo and behold he called again.. (possitivly good sign!) talked for a few min and then he was off to go home to bed and me too the sleep was greatly wanting to be happening!!! DYING!!! so xorla and i start to doze off and the phone rings.. lol now his freinds bicycle has been stolen.. clearly he is just bad luck… with the theivery and such




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15 09 2005

Yay!! love!!! fun!!!

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