possibilities in boy land

9 09 2005

Now lets see , i believe i left off after my adte with boyo… on tuesday. Lets see I didn’t talk to him on Wed, but he called me thursday afternoon. Now this is prety funny.. but totally sucks. On our date i kept pointing at odd things in the car and asking what they were and he kept saying of this and that anti theft devide.. but i never use them bc who woudl steal this car. lol.. i said i would bc i don;t have one. Can you see where this is going? Anywho he calls me on thursday and tells me his car got stolen wed night… well i’m just pissing my self laughing .. bc the irony is just too much for me.,.. i felt kinda bad that i had chuckled at him so much bc he’s pretty bummed out about the car thing. So today i went and got him a little gift he he he.. a little (and i mean the smallest one i could find) toy car. and am a big meany bc i i made him get up at 1 so i could come see him and give it to him befor ei went to work at 2. So i went over to his house.. gave him his gift which got me a combo of laughter and dirty looks.. lol…. and ended up blowingoff work for 2 hours so i could sit on the couch and not do ANYTHING!!!!! gah like fucking 12 year olds who have a crush.. fucking tragic anyway i my conclution from the afternoon was while i had a nice time hanging out.. no i dea whats up!!! theni had to rush to work bc i was late gah ..




2 responses

15 09 2005

where the heck did this come from? none of this is on my friend page!!

25 12 2005

1. What V man says about macking Canadians is obviously true.

2. Date… date? DATE! I thought you didn’t do dates…

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