i suck

5 09 2005

so here’s the latest in magdaland

so that guy who called adn called and them blew me off started messeging me the other day.. so odd .. and being all nice so confusing… last night got trashed with the girls, considered going home with this cutie boy, but decided against it bc my freind was kinda into him. and then bartender boy called me .. and bc i was drunk i bitched himout.. lol.. he appologized and asked to see me so i told him to come meet me at the bar i was at when he finished work. But then i got sick (sigh) and went home.. had to make the taxi driver stop like 3 times so i could barf… yuck yuck yuck. came home appaerntly was noisily sick for a while.. and them passed out fully dressed on my bed… so sad. with phonein hand bc i know he was going to call.. he called four times .. i got nothing.. woke up in the morning with four missed calls… so weird…my phone is soooo loud!

anyway we ended up talking on messenger for a bit, i was teasing him about how he should bring me food and he was like ok…. damn then i had to run around while nursing my hangover and try to clean up the house…
he actually came oveer and brought me food thta i requested. totaslly nice.. hung out for a bit.. offered to take em to the doctor.. lol seriously yeah i was sick .. witha hangover… and then he went to work. and called me ten min later just to tell me he would call me tommorrow.. so confused.. boys are strange.. what ev..



2 responses

5 09 2005

Well, at least you’re alive. That was some hang time you managed to assemble there.

5 09 2005

chuckle yeah i’m kinda ass at posting plusd nothing much interesting happens in my life.. 🙂 hopeful i will become super coola nd heaps to talk about.. but seems doubtful lol

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