2 08 2005

Ok so i swear this woman from my office is fucking stalking me.. she has called me at least 40+ times in the last 3 days.. Fucking psycotic bitch and for no reason… at least no good reason .. doesn;t leave a freaking m,essage just keeps calling back psycoticly.

Seriously what a freak, the only messages she left where one with tracey bc she answered the phone and it was soooo unbelievably not important… and the other was also with tracey bc tracey answered the phone and told here to sod off.. in a rational pissed off way!!! (HA go tracey!!)

Anyway .. Quiting day is OFFICIALLY August 12th.. tickled pink i say!!!! my resignation letter is going to mention A) don;t want to work for someone who feels her phoning behavior over then last weekend is in anyway appropreate b) i am clearly never getting the hours promised to me C) I don;t feel it’s right that they mislead when i started and she told me one thing while the principal told her a completly alternate thing in chinese, and then she turns to me and verifies the complete and total fucking LIE!!!!! (aka the thing she initially said…..

seriously i could go on for hours sufficed to say the job sucks she sucks and i would rather poke out my eye with a spoon, than continue working for them…. SPOON I SAY!

Ps saw the ISALAND tonight.. wasn’t bad actually, i liked it anyway.. although that isn;t saying much..




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