28 07 2005

so happy got this great job at the elementary school next to mine!!! 3 hrs in the morning m-f for 1500cad a month, which isn’t the the absolute best for the hours.. but i don;t have to do anything for at least an hour of that.. SCORE!!! love getting paid for doing nothing!!!!!

The only thing that sucks ass poo.. is already found a new job to replace the shitty job i have, so not only do i have to quit at my current school (which i’m actually looking forward to that a bit!!!! bc i hate them) But i also have to quit at my new but not yet started school, bc even though i really like them and the hours are less and blah blah blah the pay differnce is like 500 cad a month! Thats’s totally enough that i justhave to take this other job… so suck bc i have to quit at the job not yet commenced…. and also quit at the other school .. sigh .. my life is sooo hard




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