24 07 2005

Ok so lets begin with typhoons are clearly good for my sex life. Got laid on the last typhoon day (last year) and this last one also had a little bootie call. anyway nothing earthshattering.. it was fine but whatev… (so dissapointed i’m all wanting to care about someone.. bleh)

So last night went to my freind Ansa’s going away party got trashed went to the bar… got even more trashed made out with some random chinese guy named ferrel… and then .. (the horror) called bootie call boy went over “apparently” shagged him rotten and then went home. I say apparently bc my recollection of this is sketchy at best… AAAAK such a trashy ho.. ha ha oh well it’s funny.

now i’m suffering from terror of what i don;t remember… and the worst hangover.. seriously wanna die.. going to bed .. bleh




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24 07 2005


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