6 06 2005

so …. this weeken was dull and fun all at the same time…

Sat rollerbladed to the gym, totally anoyed tho bc the class I wanted was cancelled. But that turned out to be ok bc, i have these grand plans or running a half maration in november, So i thought might as well start training now and ran 30 min 5 k which is in no way stellar.. but it’s a start, haven’t run in about a year, so ok. anyway then i came home and tracey was hidding.. so i went to the roof to geta little sun (far too late to got to the beach) Then went to dinner with tracey a dn Mike, and watched Shawn of the Dead, god i’m such a baby.. even i say it’s not a scarey movie.. but that didn’t stop me from screaming and cowering like a retard.

on sunday i really wanted to go to the beach but no one was answering my text’s or they didn;t want to go .. wiffle waffled for an hour and decided was too lazy to drive out there by my self.. sooo back to the roof for me. After and hour upstairs, came down had some food and went to the games club. Lol i like playing the games but some people are so uptight about it…. anyway over all had a decent time. Then I went (was very late) to my freind Oj’s BBq, only meant to drop in, but was nice to see soem people who were actually happy to see me( I love Radovan)… and was having this hilarious convo with this guy from brazil, but headed home around 11:30. watched a little Tv.. ok quite a bit.. but i’m totally addicted to CSI and the season 2 DVD’s came out… hmmm such a dork…

Oh plus i got a call this morning that from a school I did a demo at last week and i got the job !! yeah .. but apparenly my boss at kid castle allso want to give me a morning class (so the gossip goes… ). So i’m going to ask her about it .. bc if she will sign a contract and garentee to keep my hours i’ll have to take it over the new one bc i get paid more at the old one plus would be more hours as well.. we’ll see but either way i need to stress less about work now!!! yeah




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8 06 2005

what is shawn of the dead?

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