23 05 2005

So i got attached today by this psyco guy….. so weird lived here forever.. comstantly telling people how stupidly safe it is and then i get attacked. honestesly as they go i guess in the end this wasn’t so bad .. but was pretty fuckign tramatising at the time (clearly this is a back dated post it’s the week after but posting it on the day of)

anyway on my way home and this guy freaks out trys to run me off my bike in front of my house.. (idiot) starts screaming at me in taiwanese.. which i so don;t understand… then he frucking flings his beetle nut (like red chewing tabacco) at me… sooo gross… then procedes to huck a brick at me!! His aim was hidious, but whatever he actualy got one pretty good and hit my bike and put a bug crack in the side. Which was scarey as i was hiding behind the bike, then he freaks and kept tryign to hit me or somethign but i pushed him away and was screaming bloody murder the whole time and then he ran off. Finally the police showed up (some one called I guess) and then in hysteria, went and got tracey and when to the police station. Made a statement all in chinese ..s ounded like a hysterical chicken on crack .. lol.. and went home.. so weird.. nothing else has happened tho so obvious just random.. and weird.




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