6 05 2005

so I met this cool girl last sunday at a freinds going away party, if the weathers good we might be going to the beach this sunday.. but i just looked at the forcast and it’s hity with a good chance of shitty all week… stupid tropical storms…

ok so i think i’ve become a compulsive eater… i try not to nibble and snack and end up stuff a pork chop down mu gullet no wonder i keep getting fatter.. sob…. seriously it’s gross…. maybe i’ll tie myself to a chair and duct tape my mouth for the weekend… bleh

on a lighter note carla is making a good effort not to be a moronic pain in the ass, i still think she’s an idiot.. but i don;t wanna bash her head in both trying to be freindly… making things beter so far .. we’ll see she still sucks at cleaning or doing anything.. HAHAHA she’s constantly freakign bc she see’s a tiny (seriously think med to big ant size) cockroaches…. personally i’ll take those little ones over the big scarey mother fuckers sanyday… anyway she’s constantly going on about them and i just mention everythime she she does.. that the only way to get rid of them to to keep it spotlessly clean.. i’m sure she thinks i’m just saying it bc i want it clean and she never cleans.. but it’s true.. some people are so dumb.. lol…

can’t wait for tracey to get here…. yeah yeah yeah… soooo bored




One response

7 05 2005

no head bashing? That sucks. Tracey is good luck though, i got a wee bit of action on her first night here!!! in a hallway no less!!YAY! 🙂

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