weird dreams

30 04 2005

so i just woke up well alittle while ago, from the weirdest dream…..
i was in taiwan and everything was the same as always exect my freind ansa was obsessed with huge (like 7foot tall) black men and kept running and hugging them, and all of these people from smither secndary scholl showed up at this welcome mew people to taiwan party (like those jet functions they have in japan (and do not have here). Ick it was like a fucking class reunion, Jamie MAthus, cory rhinbolt, tracey blas, morgan, sticky, koan, some chick who i was supposed to know but didn’t, and a bunch of others but it’s fading now and i can’t remeber…. ick. and it was hidious i was so stared for human contact that i was fucking happy to see these people… thrilled even.. GAG (well not jamie he’s nice) i mean seriously trace i gave cory a heart felt hug… i feel unclean…..uggg i have to go rollerblading and to the gymmm now ta…




2 responses

2 05 2005

Don’t worry dude I will be there to rescue you in only two weeks. Plane trips to Japan were hell, but I managed to make it in one piece.

2 05 2005

good was worried you would miss ur flights and i would have to toss my self off a bridge!!!

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