Good day out of no where~

20 04 2005

So yesterday i was just having an average.. fine at best day.. students didn’t really piss me off.. didn’t have to talk to my bitch of a boss or my cunty roommates… so all in all not bad…

then on to my second scholl where kids where actually quite good.. possible still scared from the day before (little son’s of a bitches) but i’ll take what i can get. And then i had my Favorite clas, chuckle.. the one where i get paid to eat dinner (my student pays for my dinner) and play games chat and just generally hang out with my 13 year old student…. so rough i mean with his excellent english skills… (basicly i just jabber at him and explain anything i said that he doesn’t get and correct his pronounciation). Seriously the only work i have to do in the class (2hrs) is if he has a test coming i have to help him study/review for the test… easy easy easy.. and i still get dinner either way.

Anyway it’s also cool bc sometimes she lets us go to taipei to have dinner so way cooler restraunts, (instead of freaking mos burger and mc chuckles..) got to go to this great greek restraunt once, TGI fridays a couple of times and some Place called bongo’s. And if it’s not raining we can drive my bike…. so yesterday we went to Jukes this semi mexican western place with foozball… great funny.. played foozball and munched on a buncha dif stuff.

Anyway i was feeling rather chipper when when back to scholl .. and then got ROYAL pissed at my freind craig (the one who helped build my computer) bc my computer has some prob from when he built it AGES ago and he still hasn’t fixed it.. admittadly i only started asking him to fix a montha go.. but what the hell he’s fixing Andrea’s computer before mine …..ooooooh BASTARD… while i was irritated clearly not actually mad… but i was harrasing him about it.. thus ended up stay at the school longer then intented.

Which turned out to be quite a good thing bc i got a FREE LCD Moniter for my computer out of it!!!! SCORE! i was asking my secretary’s boyfreind about how much a 19″ moniter would be (bc he just helped buy a 17″ for the school and it was really cheap)… and my student’s ( 13 year old rich one) mom was still there… and she was like hey you want a moniter why? i said bc i have a CRT (big FAT one) and i just want to upgrade to a LCD… i was waiting for them to get cheaper..and they have gone down a tonn in price lately so wwas thinking i’ld buy one pretty soon. she’s like .. oh i can give you one.. have one at the office not doing anything with it… it’s 17″ but it’s not new .. less thena year old.. is that ok? ummmmm… geee i dunno… OF course !!! score!!!!! ok i want the bigger one,… but um gift horses .. no lookie in to zee mouth… anyway so yesterday was a good day…



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