ahhhh how random is my life

16 04 2005

first my land lord tells me that ray and are really pretty.. and i look hot in a bikini (clearly delutional) (landlord situation is odd bc it’s not one person it’s a family…. so this was obviously one of the brothers). lol iincidentally i had this converstion withhim while he was out walking his dog.. or as i like to call it sitting on the grocery store steps reading the paper… while letting the dog run around on a 3 ft chain.

called a little house tet a tet, bc i’m pissed no one wants to pay for the cleaning lady but no one is cleaning anything.. apparently someone is cleaning this weekend bc i’ve already done it… (cleary this person is imaginary).. yet jack is getting cleaned grrrr
maybe they are allergic to cleaning.. hmm interesting.. must be allergic to the light switch off possition as well…

trying to get up the nerve to tell the twinky she has to move … but liek all thing i suck and am avoiding th e issue.. and hope she’s decide to go on her own…

ha moved the portable phone to my room and poor little miss doesn’t like the piece of shitty crap i have put out in the other room.. hmm tough .. buy your own phone you cheap little bitch… plus my dvd player (that she uses all the time) is broken.. and like hell i’m buying a new one while she lives here…

oh and on that random thing .. had laser today (hair removal) i am so white i scared my self in the mirror yesterday… ha but i got buddy to crank up the laser bc it ‘s more effective then.. (hurts a might bit more though) hahah and the woman was trying to comfort me by stroking my hair.. just creepy between clenched teeth all i wanted to say.. was .. um i’m not a dog so you can stop petting me… lol… ok i’m done now bleh



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16 04 2005

“that ray and are really pretty”
Genius. I tell you, Genius.

17 04 2005

Hey, dude, I realize that I will have to see this girl when I get to your aptm because well she lives there too… but honestly I don’t want to have to live with her any longer than absolutely mandatory, so tell her to shift it! I mean you can always blame it on me. Tell her that you have mentioned to me how she is a pain in the ass and I’m a scary ass bitch and am unwilling to deal with shit like that and so its probably better if she moves out, because otherwise I might flake out and rip off her head!

17 04 2005

I am arriving in Taipei on May 14th at 9 pm

17 04 2005

Ok, you are going to think this is absolutely ludicrous, but yesterday I went to the Taiwanese embassay and you want to know what I need in order to get a visa from Buenos Aires…. I need you to send me an email inviting me there and telling them your address, phone number and ARC card number. That is all I need. No plane ticket, no bank statement, nothing… just your details. So if you could send those to me tomorrow, that would be greatly appreciated. SO FUCKING WEIRD… although they did try to tell me that I had to go back to Canada to get the visa… that was of course until I had a cat, then they changed their tune.

17 04 2005

wow, that is really difficult. Sure you can do it? I mean, maybe they have people to help you with stuff like that…


19 04 2005


and hey trace u gonna email me back and let me know if its ok or what?

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