Lame and cool….!!!

12 04 2005

So i forgot to mention this but my landlady is the coolest, she said with out actually saying it, that if my roomates leave (or i kick them out) and i can’t pay the rent to let her know and maybe she can help me… seriously hinting she would lower the rent for me. I was telling her about how awful they are and said i might ask them to leave and she asked if they leave, can i afford the rent by my self. I said i no not really. And then she said well if that happens and i’m having problems with the rent to just let her know and she might be able to help me. 🙂

and lame is i just spent the last 45 min hanging out at the video store. Because i have no freinds to talk to (and no one to speak chinese with) and I hate my stupid roommates… so I would rather be at the video store chatting with the video clerk than go home.. TRAGIC!




One response

13 04 2005

yay! Make them leave!

But your video lady is so nice… not so tragic

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