12 04 2005

gah i hate people.. dryw is such i dinkle fritze.. tracey was just mentioning this to me the other night and i was this close to defending him.. totally take it back he’s an ass…. everytime i try to chat too him he’s such a poop i want to bitch slap him… or if i call or soemthing i get blown off… hello calling from other side of world…. take a min… obviously gave up on calling ages ago….




2 responses

13 04 2005

SEE, told you sooooo. Good thing you didn’t defend him because I would just have to point out more how I told you so. Dryw is so selfinvolved that he wouldn’t be aware of anything or care about anything outside of Annie moving out or Marc stopping playing video games with him. Fuckin lameo

13 04 2005

got really excited for a second thought you where saying annie is movie out.. lol.. then i realized what you meant ha ha ha

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